About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet!

I’ve been in IT since… well, let’s just say that I had written a blog post a month, I’d have over 300 posts by now!

I’ve worked for all sizes of companies, from as small as 10 to 10s of 1000s, and all types ranging from government consulting to a video game maker, from suits and ties all the way to shorts and sandals. I’ve worked full-time, as a contractor, and as a consultant to dozens of clients.

My experience is diverse, and has covered more tech than I can remember. But that experience is the gold; you may forget the specifics of the technologies or the project, but the evergreen lessons it taught you remain. The 2nd “but” is that as fantastic as tech may be, it has to fulfill a need, business or otherwise, and you need to keep those goals in mind.

Along the way, I’ve written a book with my good buddy, Doug, all about passwords and aimed at the average user.

I also founded and ran a gadget blog for many years, also with Doug. We regularly attended CES and related electronics shows and learned about the sometimes capricious and often wacky world of consumer tech.

PS> if you like what you read here and would like to hire me or just want to chat, shoot me an email.