Hire Me

If you’re looking for an AWS cloud consultant who has been in IT for over 2 decades, ping me. I can help you with projects small, large and everything in between. Perhaps you just need to run an idea past a different set of ears and eyes.

Hire me if you’re looking for someone who is:

  • an experienced pro who brings a diverse set of experiences to the table, and sees the big picture.
  • an independent worker who takes initiative.
  • detailed.
  • organized.
  • plans ahead.
  • easy to get along and work with.

Don’t hire me if you’re looking for someone who:

  • knows every little esoteric command about some specific tool or technology. That’s what search engines are for, not to mention that by the time you learn the full list, it’ll be out-of-date!
  • is a yes-man. I might say “no” or “maybe”, but I’ll always offer up alternative solutions.
  • is a chair warmer. I’m not going to charge for empty hours; I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Interested? Shoot me an email and let’s set up a complimentary call to chat, or schedule some time on my calendar. In the meantime, take a look at some of the many Cloud & DevOps projects I’ve worked on in the past 10+ years, and/or my LinkedIn profile/resume. I look forward to chatting with you and hearing about your projects!